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Las Vegas Wedding

When my girlfriend first told me she and her fiance were going to be married by Elvis in Las Vegas on April Fool's Day and asked me to be her matron of honor, sure I raised my eyebrows. But by the end of our weekend there, I couldn't have imagined them getting married any other way.

The folks at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel told my friends that April Fool's Day is actually one of their busiest days of the year. I'm not actually sure what the reasoning is for this, whether some people really do this as a joke gone way too far, or whether it's just as different to some people as getting married by Elvis, but again, on the big day, it never really came into question. The time of year that came more into question was actually that it was the night before everyone was supposed to set their clocks ahead.

The couple slated to be married an hour before my friends were an hour late as they had forgotten. When they were setting up for the wedding, my friends had their choice of being married by "Old Elvis" or "Young Elvis". They chose Young Elvis, but by the time we showed up for the ceremony, Young Elvis wasn't there, forcing Old Elvis to step in. He never once stepped out of character, and for all intents and purposes that day, he WAS Elvis.

The chapel was actually divided into different areas, so if you were getting married with the "Blue Hawaii" theme, there was a beach, etc. The part of the chapel we were in looked more like a small theatre. As an additional part of the wedding package chosen, the event was being broadcast via webcam, very beneficial being that the bride's parents weren't able to make it out to Las Vegas to see the ceremony.

Another part of the package was the music. My friends were allowed to pick three different Elvis songs to be sung by him at different parts of the ceremony. My favorite has always been Suspicious Minds, but I was told that wasn't very wedding-like. Okay, I can see their point. Instead, they chose Can't Help Fallin' In Love, Love Me Tender and Viva Las Vegas. The first two were sung during the actual ceremony, but Viva Las Vegas was played at the end as all of us in attendance were asked to join in and dance.

Just after the actual ceremony as my friends walked back down "the aisle", they were actually then married by a real official. Elvis didn't really have the credentials to marry anyone, despite asking them if they promised not to step on each other's blue suede shoes and to love each other's hound dogs. The official signed the paper in their presence, they signed it as well, and they were officially married. Five years later they are still married, and quite happy I'll add. I don't think either of them will ever mark "Return to Sender" on the other one.