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Las Vegas: The thrill rides at the Stratosphere

I have been to Las Vegas several times now and it just gets better and better. As a thrill ride enthusiast one of my first steps is always the Stratosphere. On my first trip the only rides were the Big Shot, which propels its riders at high speed up a shaft on top of the tower for a great view of the city, and the High Roller, a roller coaster that makes up for its slow speed by being perched 900 feet in the air on top of the Stratosphere.

Since that first trip, new rides have continued to be added, including two that dangle brave riders over the edge of the tower. These rides are incredible, and the newest, aptly named Insanity The Ride can be programmed to make it a truly intense experience.

Those who plan to spend a lot of time at the rides may want to invest in an all day ride pass, and the individual rides are rather pricy. These thrills are not for everyone, but those who would rather get their thrills on top of the world than at the blackjack table should give them a try.