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National Park

Top National Park – Bryce Canyon
By Diane L Dilov-Schultheis

There is a national park that has some of the most spectacular rock formations found anywhere, spans over three distinct climatic areas, and is known as Bryce Canyon National Park. You will find thousands of colorful sandstone, mudstone, and limestone spires and pinnacles that have been created from erosion. They are known as “hoodoos” and are a true natural wonder to behold. Here you find a group of horseshoe shaped amphitheaters that seem to go on forever. The varying conditions create a massive diversity in scenery, birds, and mammals allowing you a glimpse into the wild!

Location and Weather

Bryce Canyon National Park is located in south central Utah on the Paunsaugunt Plateaus eastern edge. It is a little over 56 square miles (35,835 acres) in size and it is not a true canyon. The coldest months are from December through February and the warmest are June through August. The park may close temporarily during winter storms, but generally remains open all year round. The best time to visit is from October through May when it is less crowded, cooler, and has stunning fall colors and wildflowers galore.

Things to Do

Bryce Canyon National Park has numerous activities throughout the year with some of them being:

• Hiking
• Photography
• Bird watching
• Climbing
• Bicycling
• Rappelling
• Snowshoe Tours
• Horseback riding
• Camping
• Ranger-led activities
• Museums

Bryce Canyon National Park Information

• Fees – seven day passes or annual passes are available.
• Pets – are not permitted on trails, viewpoints, or in buildings. Kennels are available.
• Lodging – available at Bryce Canyon Lodge.
• Fires – are permitted in campground and picnic areas only.
• Phone – 435-834-5322
• Animals – common animals seen: Utah prairie dogs, mule deer, black bears, mountain lions, countless birds, and many more.

If you would like to see some of the most spectacular views of rare geology and nature in its purest form; then you should come to Bryce Canyon National Park.