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Las Vegas hotels are legendary – they are destinations in their own right. If you saw Oceans Eleven with Brad Pitt and George Clooney you’ll know the Bellagio and many of the other famous names. But new arrivals are opening all the time. For total luxury look at Wynn Las Vegas just past the equally wonderful Venetian (check out the replica St Mark’s Square and drift down the indoor grand canal as a gondolier serenades you from the end of your boat). Or head to the other end of the strip to Mandalay Bay.

All the hotels have websites so you can dream away while checking out the rooms and facilities. And you can wander around them all in person as well. From the vast flower arrangements in the lobby at the Bellagio to the tigers at Treasure Island and the jousting at Excalibur here is always something to photograph. And don’t worry if you are on a budget – some cheaper options still exist. The casino-free motels just off the strip are the best bet for lower cost rooms.

Eating in Las Vegas is fantastic. Super-cheap, all-you-can-eat buffets are getting harder to find as the city moves up market. But you can still get great breakfasts for good prices and all the usual fast-food chains are in the many malls. What can be a real surprise are the up-market restaurants in all the big hotels – not for nothing is Gordon Ramsay said to be considering Las Vegas for his next American opening. Star chefs from America like Wolfgang Puck have several restaurants in the city but watch out – prices can be steep.