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Grand Canyon.

Travel – Top National Park – Grand Canyon
By Diane L Dilov-Schultheis

There are no words that can really describe the unbelievable, breathtaking, humbling, natural beauty you will find at the Grand Canyon National Park. Pictures do not capture the true wonder of this timeless place. You will experience nature in its glory and behold some of the most alluring sights found any place on earth. If you have not ever been to the Grand Canyon National Park you are missing one of the best experiences of your lifetime; pack your bags and come witness all of its magnificence.

Location and Weather

The Grand Canyon National Park is 1,218,376 acres or 1,904 square miles in northern Arizona and the creation of the canyon has taken place during the last six million years. The bottom of the canyon is near two billion years old and has the Colorado River running through it. The weather varies from both sides of the canyon (North Rim and South Rim), from the top to the bottom of it, and from day to night. The South Rim is open all year round with services, but the North Rim is only open from the middle of May to the middle of October. The weather is very unpredictable throughout the park during the year and should be monitored constantly for changes.

Things to Do

To see the canyon you need a minimum of three days, but more if possible. The following are some of the numerous activities available at the Grand Canyon National Park:

• Hiking
• Whitewater rafting
• Photography
• Bird watching
• Historical sites
• Kolb Studio
• Lookout Studio
• Hermits Rest
• Bright Angel Lodge
• El Tovar Hotel
• Train Depot
• Hopi House
• The Watchtower
• Verkamp’s
• Bicycling
• Fishing
• Climbing
• Mule Trips
• Camping
• Ranger-led activities
• Museums

Grand Canyon National Park Information

• Fees – seven day passes or annual passes are available.
• Pets – are not permitted on trails. Kennels are available on the South Rim only.
• Lodging – available at seven lodges, a guest ranch, and a historical hotel on the South Rim. The North Rim has one lodge.
• Fires – are permitted in campground and picnic areas only.
• Phone – 928-638-7888
• Animals – there are around 89 mammal, 9 amphibian, 47 reptile, 17 fish, 1,000s of terrestrial and aquatic invertebrate species, and 355 birds located throughout the park.

A trip to the Grand Canyon National Park is something everyone should do at least once in his or her lifetime!