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About Us

Landlord Mortgages offers the property investor a choice of over 500 buy to let mortgages. With such variety we can find the best buy to let mortgage or best buy to let remortgage. We also have access to exclusive schemes that are not generally available to the mass buy to let market.

Our 5 year consecutive run of winning a title of Best Buy To Let Mortgage Broker has helped us forge good relationships with the key mortgage lenders in the Buy To Let market. Mortgage lender’s stamp us as a ‘premier partner’ and our clients get the very best.

Buy To Let is not our only business, we provide on commercial mortgages, development finance and business finance.

We also insure 1000’s of properties under our very competitive landlord insurance scheme.

‘Doing business’ with us is good business; it’s a bit like making a good cake. We have the ability to ‘package’ your business and make your mortgage application look good. We and not the mortgage lender will instruct the valuation, a key ingredient. We will not put the mix in the oven until we know all the ingredients is mixed well, fingers shouldn’t get burnt when the mortgage application leaves the lenders oven. We are not conventional so don’t expect your mortgage application to take long to cook. Remember, you can have your cake and eat it if the mortgage deal is mixed well and cooked fast.